Apartment Hotel

Stylish apartment in the hotel, a bedroom with two bathrooms- modern designed in warm beige colors with minimalist elements. The walls of the living room of the apartment are decorated with concrete panels and spectacular wallpaper, similar to the bedroom walls. The bedroom has a separated bathroom, lit by artificial light and daylight through the glass door. It is dominated by white-grey color. The second bathroom is a combination of grey and beige with elegant fittings and ceramics.

LUX room Hotel SCOUT

The cozy hotel room with an atypical arrangement. The result of the application of a low partition wall are separated zones in the room – daily zone and sleeping zone. The vestibule contains capacious wardrobe. The room is complemented with simple but impressive bathroom. The room was designed for people who want to live in it for a longer period, and the separation zones serve to increase the feeling of comfort for the user.